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How to Summerize your Car

Extreme temperatures during summer can take a toll on certain parts of your vehicle. To enjoy your time when heating the road, you must account for the intense heat. Here are surefire ways to summerize your car for an excellent experience.

Check and Monitor Your Tires

Your car tires deserve an excellent check-up after hitting difficult roads bearing potholes. Ensure that your tires, including the spares, are in the best condition and adequately inflated before hitting the road for a summer trip. It is essential since tires gain and lose pressure constantly depending on the outside temperatures. Make sure that you prioritize your safety and convenience by regularly checking and monitoring your tires.

Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

If you go long without changing your oil, it might cost you an arm and a leg or even your car. Whether hot or cold, extreme weather conditions can burden your oil and oil filter. The intense heat during summer thins motor oils. Therefore, make sure that your oil is thicker to resist thinning during your summer road trips.

Check Your Fluid Levels

If you're looking into having a fantastic time during your road trips, ensure to double-check your fluids. The extreme change in weather lowers the power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant fluid. During summer, it is essential to pay attention to the coolant fluid. With most summer breakdowns resulting from overheating, you might need to consult our professional services for an expert check on your fluids.

Ensure Your AC is Working

You have to make sure that your AC is up to the task of keeping you cool during the summer. Ensure that you get most of your vehicle through your AC. An ineffective AC can be problematic during summer, resulting in issues like rattling noises, musty and stale air, and not blowing out cold air. You need to address such problems to enjoy your road in comfort.

It is vital to summerize your car to enjoy your road trips. Some of the tasks require the hands of a professional for effective results. For any assistance in getting your vehicle summerized, we invite you to Don's D.I. Auto & Truck Service today!

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