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What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Oil?

Most vehicles on the road today have transitioned to synthetic motor oil. Synthetic lubricants are designed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional oil. While conventional oil works fine in simple engine designs, synthetic oil offers many benefits for newer model vehicles today. They are at a higher price point than traditional oils, but they can last longer in between changes. Below are all the advantages of synthetic oil:

  • More uniform for better lubrication - Since this oil is engineered from artificial compounds, the molecules are more consistent. Therefore, lubrication is more consistent, which will lead to better efficiency.
  • Higher viscosity index - All this fancy term means that synthetic oil is more resistant to extreme temperature changes. Whether it is hot or cold outside, the lubricant will constantly be flowing to give your motor the lubrication it needs.
  • Fewer impurities - Since conventional oils are made of minerals, it is likely to contain more impurities than synthetic oil. 
  • Higher oxidation resistance - The formulas of synthetic oil are engineered to have higher stability. In other words, it does not emulsify when exposed to moisture.
  • Longer service life - Full synthetic oils can last between 5,000-10,000 miles between changes as opposed to the traditional 3,000 miles. It does have a higher price point, but it is overall more cost-effective in saving you the multiple trips to the auto service shop throughout the year.
  • Eco-friendly - Some synthetic lubricants on the market are biodegradable, meaning they are a greener choice. 

Synthetic oils are way more advanced and sophisticated for car engines today. They offer many outstanding features, including increased longevity compared to their traditional counterparts. At Don’s D.I. Auto & Truck Service, we use the finest lubricants for our oil change services. If you are due for an oil change, please call or visit our auto repair shop today.

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