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What Are the Signs of Low or Leaking Transmission Fluid?

Your transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for the transmission system, which is in charge of transferring power from the engine to your wheels. Without a smooth, running transmission, you can count on not going very far. 

Unlike gasoline, transmission fluid isn't a burnable liquid. It can only run low when there is a leak within its fluid lines. To avoid extensive transmission damages, you need to be mindful of your fluid levels and get routine inspections of the transmission components. If you don't know where to begin, feel free to bring your vehicle to the transmission experts at Don's D.I. Auto & Truck Service.

6 Signs That Indicate You May Have a Transmission Fluid Leak

  • Slipping transmission - If your gear falls out of place or back into neutral, you are experiencing a slipping transmission. This symptom indicates you may have a fluid leak and risk transmission overheating.
  • Overheated transmission/burning smell - If you notice a significant drop in power and a burning smell from your car, your transmission is likely overheating. You should pull over immediately and call for a tow.
  • Slow responding gears - There is typically little to no delay for smooth geat changes. You may experience a 2-3+ second delay when you shift into drive or reverse if you're low on this fluid. 
  • Buzzing or whining sounds - If your gear changes are loud or you hear strange grinding noises coming from the transmission, it typically means you have a transmission problem. It could very well be due to the increased friction from the lack of fluid between the components.
  • Red puddles around your car, SUV, or truck - Transmission fluid is a bright red color that is unlikely to miss. If you notice this around your vehicle, please take your car to a trusted auto repair shop immediately for an inspection.

If your automobile is exhibiting any of the warning signs above, please stop by Don's D.I. Auto & Truck Service for a transmission inspection. We can repair your leak and refill your vehicle with fresh, clean fluid if you are low on fluid.

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